We provide a broad Service Portfolio that ensures comprehensive coverage of your IT needs.


The BTC Service Portfolio is comprised of a vast array of IT-centered service offerings. The origins of each offering can be traced to a current or past performance for a client that's likely to service one of several industries such as Healthcare, Civilian Governemnt, Military, Commercial Aviation, Facilities Management, Construction, Financial Services, Industrial, Education and many more.

All BTC services align with one (1) of three (3) designated categories in our service spectrum, namely "Data & Information", "Cyber Security" and "Web & Mobile". Built on our goal to enable a more technically sophisticated and optimized client we offer CORE SERVICES across all service categories, those being IT Training, Staff Augmentation and Turnkey Consulting. Contact Us at your convenience for more information regarding our services.

At BTC the value proposition that we make to you, the client, is providing world-class personnel with best in-class expertise that are trained and cultured to leverage a business model that's designed to provide flexible IT services that will ultimately further empower you and your staff. - Leonard Tharpe, BTC President & CEO