We provide comprehensive Information Technology consulting services.

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BTC Company Overview

Brandon Technology Consulting, Inc. is an emerging information technology firm that provides best in-class IT services and solutions for our clients' specific business and IT needs. Founded in 2000, BTC has established itself as a trusted and highly regarded solutions provider specializing in three (3) Service Spectrum categories "Data & Information", "Cyber Security", "Web & Mobile", "Health IT", "Workforce Solutions", and "Customized Training Solutions". We provide a multitude of services that fit within these categories to include Cyber Security, Vulnerability Management, Cyber Training, Incident Response, Business Intelligence, Systems Administration, Data Management, Application Development and several more.

BTC operates on the principle of "effectively applying today's solutions while working to solve tomorrow's problems". This principle reflects our commitment to education and research in the IT field while ensuring that our organization is primed to effectively and efficiently provide services that guarantee maximum value for our clients. This combination has proven to be an effective formula for allowing us to remain in the forefront of emerging technology.

The BTC brand is built on a strong and unique culture that places a high priority on every aspect of our approach to human capital. From this foundation we execute consulting engagements differently than our competitors.

~ Leonard Tharpe, President & CEO

The BTC Competitive Advantage

BTC employs a non-traditional consulting model that disaggregates traditional monolithic and opaque consulting services. Since our inception we have long worked hand-in-hand with clients on building their capability to assess complex business problems. This has resulted in those very clients being able to source for acute solutions to their specific needs. In turn we have developed the capability to deliver modularized services that can be applied in whole or in part to any link in the value chain of our clients operations.

Traditional consulting models have resulted in the inability to judge/measure performance pre and post execution. In the past this resulted in clients relying on price as a proxy for quality. Our competitive advantage is based in our extensive IT knowledge, experience, transparency and quantifiable results. Our operational model affords us the ability to be flexible with clients, while also executing project tasks with precision. The net effect of our approach is increased service quality for our clients and that adds to the bottom line.

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